Earth Day Celebration: Tips 1-10

April 18, 2010

In celebration of Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary here are 40 great tips on how to live and work a little more sustainably each day. Try them out this week and see if you can make a few of them work all year.

Tips 1 – 10

1. Take a walk. Can you walk to school, or the store, or to work today? Go for it. It will add some exercise to your routine and save a few miles on your car. Plus, you will save emissions and money.

2. Disposable package? Use it twice. If every time we bought a plastic water bottle, or paper cup we used it twice instead of just once we would effectively double the life cycle of that bit of plastic and reduce our waste by half. It is simple math, but let’s try to reuse everything that we buy for only a single use at least once more before we throw it out.

3. Slow down your food. Eat local and in season. By supporting local farms and making choices that are in season we are getting the best food at the right time. Eating seasonally means that produce doesn’t have to be processed and it is fresh and delicious. When you are out to eat ask your server what is in season. If they can’t tell you, tell them to ask the chef. You’ll find out just how fresh your food really is.

4. Check the bottom line. Find out what it costs to keep the lights on when no one is in your store, office or house. Talk to your coworkers and family about reducing the time that the lights are on, or at least changing the light bulbs to a more efficient CFL or LED. Share how much you can save by making simple changes.

5. Time yourself in the shower. Can you reduce the amount of time the water is running? Try it for a week and see if you can shave off two minutes from your normal shower. Most normal shower heads use 2.5 GPM (Gallons per minute) so if you save two minutes off your normal shower routine you’ll save 5 gallons of water a day! In a year that is over 1800 gallons of water and over 12 hours of found time in your daily routine.

6.  Read a book. Learn a little more about sustainability and ways to make your life a little greener. There are tons of great books out there. Try Cradle to Cradle to start, or check out something else from my book suggestions post.

7. Pick up. Grab one garbage bag, walk around your neighborhood and fill it. Most of us live in a place where someone needs to pick up after all of the litter and mess. Today, let that someone be you.

8. Talk to your boss. This week, find a time to ask your supervisor how the company you work for is getting more sustainable this year? Ask them to provide specific answers, or challenge them to help you take steps towards getting greener. Be warned, this will usually lead to new projects, which may lead to added responsibility and potential promotions. If you are the boss, ask your employees the same question and set achievable goals.  

9. Car pool. For one week try to car pool with a coworker or a friend. Take turns doing the driving and see if you can cut down your combined mileage. It is a great way to save a few dollars on gas and repairs and improve a friendship along the way.

10. Plant. Pick your favorite plant, a tree, a vegetable, a flower and find a place to plant it. Take responsibility for it and make sure that it has appropriate water and sun. It is a great way to remind us all daily that we have real responsiblity for the earth.

Come back tomorrow to see tips 11-20.


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