Earth Day Celebration: Tips 21-30

April 20, 2010

In celebration of Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary here are 40 great tips on how to live and work a little more sustainably each day. Try them out this week and see if you can make a few of them work all year.

Tips 21-30

21. Add some solar to your lifestyle. Put up solar panels on your house, add a solar hot water heater or even just get a solar battery charger for your Ipod. Take advantage of the energy the sun gives us every day and reduce your electricity consumption, even a little bit.

22. Reduce your trash. Start by finding out how much trash you and your family, or you and your company make each month. You can count bags, or find out the weight hauled away. Publicize the quantity in a place where everyone can see and make suggestions on reducing, reusing and recycling before your cohorts throw stuff away. Set a goal to make a real reduction. Try to reduce by at least one bag or 1% of your total weight a month for a year. If you keep up with the publicity you may be surprized by the results.

23. Learn more about your water. Find out where your water comes from. Is it from a local well, a city system or some bottles shipped from a far away mountain stream? How does the water actually get into your faucet or bottle? What is the watershed that feeds it? Where is the aquifer? All states and many municipalities have water management plans that explain where the water comes from and how it is managed both for quantity and quality. You can find them online through your local water company or the environmental protection agency. Check it out.

24. Call, email or text. Communicate electronically and save the travel or the postage whenever it makes sence. Using electronic communication reduces the amount of travel and mail required every day.

25. Bring a canvas bag everywhere you go. Stick a simple canvas tote in your purse or backpack. Use it whenever you go to the store, any store, instead of a shopping bag. Stick a couple of extra ones in the trunk of your car for when you need to buy a lot of stuff.

26. Re-sole and re-lace your old shoes. We all have old shoes that we don’t really wear anymore. Take them to a cobbler and get new soles and laces to give them a new life. If you think they are out of style or don’t fit anymore donate them so someone else can enjoy your old kicks.  

27. Antiques are cool. Need a new lamp, check out a thrift shop. Looking for furniture, try a garage sale. See if you can find that one thing you really need used. This works for office furniture and factory tools just as well as home goods. Find out where the local industrial thrift shops are and see if you can save a few pennies and find what you need.

28. Shrink wrap. Try to reduce the amount of packaging you use to send gifts or goods. Use smaller more efficient boxes and wrappers. Don’t add extra fill if you don’t really need it. Try to make it simple, safe for delivery and small.

29. Get your company involved. How can your business be a little greener? Are there places where you can reduce waste and improve the bottom line? Is there a way to make product delivery a little shorter and reduce travel impacts? If you could make one minor change to your products or services keeping up quality but making them a little more sustainable what would it be? Write it up and share it with your coworkers. Need some ideas on how to present your plan, check out some of the letters to my favorite companies on this blog.

30.Make a new parking spot. Find a safe secure spot outside or in for you and your friends to park bikes, skateboards, scooters, roller blades or other modes of transportation that don’t require an engine. Don’t forget the hooks for helmets and pads. Let everyone know that there is a new place for their transportation of choice and encourage them to try it out.

Come back tomorrow to see tips 31-40


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