Hey all,

So I see you’ve decided to come in and look around. Make yourself at home. There is a fresh pot of coffee just brewed, milk in the fridge and the paper is on the table. You may not know many people here, but I am sure you can find a comfy seat in the living room or on the porch.

This is my comfortable space, the time and place where I can let my mind roam free. I like smart, thoughtful and even passionate debate. I am a fan of trying out the hard questions and seeing if we can find an answer together that might just work. I like to push ideas to the bitter edge and see if they still fit. I think it is kinda fun.

I hope you’ll leave your muddy shoes at the door, wash your hands and sit down at my table for a meal full of shared ideas and passions. The stove is hot, the water is cool. Join me.



One Response to “Welcome”

  1. Ralph,
    I have read your coffee blog and can’t wait to get the next installment. My interest in sustainability is directed to us humans as individuals living together. Right now I am devising a climb up Mount Social Sustainability and have 7 faces like Ray Anderson’s ingenious climb up Mount (Environmental) Sustainability. Now I am changing from the mountain shape (triangle) to a more advanced shape (circle) and creating more of a spiral of evolutionary growth. Thanks for your contribution to the world and I treasure meeting you at our Tribal Gathering.

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